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8th grade Disease Project



* 10 slides on a stress related or sedentary related disease

Slide 1       Cover page with name

Slide 2      Describe the disease

Slide 3      Signs

Slide 4      Causes

Slide 5      Treatment

Slide  6     Identify ways individuals can reduce risk factors related to communicable and chronic diseases

Slide 7     Describe the importance of early detection in preventing the progression of disease

Slide 8        Explain the need to follow prescribed health care procedures given by parents and health care


Slide 9        Communicable Disease- Discuss how cleanliness and good grooming show consideration for self and others, and ways to promote cleanliness

Slide 10     bibliography

Insert text and images on each slide


  • Science: Understands how the different systems interact to keep a human alive.
  • 21st Century Skills: Critical Thinking: Seeks or makes connections