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Copy of Financial Literacy Month & Money Smart Week Resources: Resources for Teachers

Institute for Financial Literacy Budget Tools

Institute for Financial Literacy



The following list of downloadable forms and interactive worksheets are provided as a resource to assist with budgeting and personal finance management. These budgeting tools will help you make more informed money management decisions and serve as a guide to reaching financial goals.

Money Management International Podcast

This ‘How To’ podcast series covers topics that will help you become better at managing your money, including: credit, debt, bankruptcy and homeownership. Topics are in 4 to 5 minute segments

For Grown Ups

Are you a teacher looking for ideas to teach finance in the classroom? Are you a parent who is unsure how to approach your child about money? Check out these great sites!

Money Math: Lessons for Life
A four-lesson curriculum supplement for middle school math classes, teaching grade 7-9 math concepts using real-life examples from personal finance.

U.S. Mint For Teachers
A comprehensive guide of activities, resources and lesson plans to teach students all about coins.

Money Management International: Youth and Money
A website targeted towards parents to help them learn how to plan for and raise money smart children.

South Carolina State Library Family Financial Literacy Pinterest Board
Articles and activities for the the whole family.

Parents Who Wish to Empower Girls


While lack of financial literacy is a growing concern for everyone today, relatively little research has been done on how young people think about and experience money and finances, with even fewer studies focusing on girls specifically. To address this gap, the Girl Scout Research Institute conducted a nationwide survey with over 1,000 girls ages 8−17 and their parents to better understand girls' level of financial literacy and their confidence about, attitudes towards, and experiences with money. Having It All: Girls and Financial Literacy reveals that girls need and want financial literacy skills to help them achieve their dreams, with 90 percent saying it is important for them to learn how to manage money. However, just 12% of girls surveyed feel "very confident" making financial decisions.

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

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