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Media Center Renovation: Case Studies/Floor Plans


Harvard-Westlake Upper School

870 coed / grades 10-12 / Studio City, CA

The older version of Mudd Library, built in 1972, was renovated between June 2011 and September 2012. The renovation was designed by Tobias Architecture. The complete renovation--permits, design, construction, furniture--came to $4 million. The original library (8500 sf) was separated from the next building over by an open breezeway. The new building (11,000 sf) created an enclosed walkway between those two buildings as well as 3 additional classrooms, an office and a 'bridge', all on the upper level, to accomodate the new Kutler Center for Independent Research and Interdisciplinary Studies.

Salem State University

9300 coed / undergraduate & graduate programs / Salem, MA