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Adventures of Huckleberry Finn: Evaluating Your Sources

Is It Crap?

The CRAP test is a way to evaluate a source based on the following criteria: Currency, Reliability, Authority and Purpose/Point of View.  Ask questions to help you think about how to measure each of the criteria.s




Purpose/Point of View

-- from LOEX 2008


Tips For Evaluating Resources

Accurate, current, and appropriate information are valuable commodities.  Be a discriminate consumer of information!  If you are not confident that the information you have retrieved is the best information for your purpose, ask a library media specialist for assistance.

When evaluating information ask yourself…….


            Is the information dated?

            Is the information current enough for your research?

            Has the information been updated?


             Is the information true? 

            Where did they get the information?

            Is the information cited in a works cited or reference list?  

            What kind of information is included in the resource?

            Is content of the resource primarily opinion?  Is is balanced?

            Does the creator provide references or sources for data or quotations?


            Who is the author?

            Is he/she an expert?

            Who is the publisher?  Are they reputable?

Purpose/Point of View:

            Is this fact or opinion?

            Is the information biased in any way?

            Is there any advertising in the resource?

            Who is the intended audience?

How Reliable is Wikipedia?

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Wikipedia can be a great site for students who need a quick reference on history, pop culture or even politics. But its reputation as an authoritative research resource is doubted by college professors and other experts who deter students from quoting Wikipedia in their papers. One reason is that a lot of the information on Wikipedia is either incomplete or downright false. Because anyone can technically edit or contribute to Wikipedia, the site is vulnerable to hackers and vandalism. Sometimes, the blunders are serious libel cases which result in lawsuits; and sometimes, they’re just funny